Eye Patient Focused on Eye Health

Connect with your patients

Eye Patient App provides coherent features for both Eye Patients and Eye Care Providers. The mobile app comprises resourceful content to give insights about numerous eye disorders, diagnosis, treatment, and above all to aid patients connect with their nearest Eye Health Professionals.

Made by an energetic group of tech-oriented Ophthalmologists and the creators of EyeHandBook (one of the most acclaimed and highly ranked application in the field of Eye Care). Eye Patient app has distinct vision testing tools and educational content concerning several eye ailments. The main aim of our mobile application is to educate the general audience about eye care and make it easier for eye patients and eye doctors to connect with one another.

Eye doctors can create their profile on the application to list themselves as verified Ophthalmologists and easily connect with their nearby audience.


Eye Patient app was founded by three ophthalmologists who recognized that smartphone applications in the field of healthcare is the future ahead. The main purpose of the Eye Patient app is to overcome the gap in patient education and build a bridge between Eye Care Providers and Eye Patients through an intuitive platform.