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  Free Doctor Directory Listing

Patients will be able to find and connect with you from the Eye Patient doctor directory.

  Education & News

Familiarize your patients with their condition, treatment, and diagnosis from our vast educational library, and keep them posted about the latest news in the file of eye care.

  Testing & Vision Monitoring

Provide your patients with the ability to keep a track of their Eye Health Score through various inbuilt testing tools.

  Doctor Connection

Your existing patients can download and apply your doctor code to select you as their doctor on the Eye Patient app. The Eye Patient app is your app for your patients.

  About Us

Write something about yourself and your clinic.

  Reputation Management

Visitors who want to give negative feedback are directed to an online form and those willing to positive ones are directed to Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.

  Feedback & Review

Collect feedback from patients to improve your services.

  Premium Doctor Listing

Get a verified doctor badge on the Eye Patient Doctor Directory.

  Premium Profile View

Access premium features to manage your practice.

  Multiple Practice Locations

Manage your practice location(s) and enable more patients to find and connect with you.

  Customized Patient Education

Share personalized patient education material with your followers and help them understand their conditions.


Showcase photos of your clinic, and infographics to educate your followers.


Treatment and services available at your practice.

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