Focused on Eye Health


Eye Patient (Cloud Nine Development) does not hold any PHI (Protected Health Information) in any regard. Eye Patient’s main focus is education. Your patients do have the option to follow you and your practice but communication is strictly one way. As an example, if a premium subscription is active, you can send push notifications to your patients. This can be used as general public messages, think Holiday wishes from the practice or Doctors. Under no circumstances does Eye Patient connect with your EHR System and other important patient information data systems.
Although Eye Patient focuses more on a specific Doctor’s Profile, doctors can add their credentials and current practice location and information to their profile. Your profile can also show your practice’s addresses, phone and faxes numbers, email addresses and more. If you have specific Google, HealthGrades, Yelp or other social media pages for your practice, you can attach them to your profile and send SMS text Review Requests to your patients asking for reviews. This can greatly help increase your social media presence for both you and your practice.*
We offer a service with a Premium Subscription that allows you to request a review from your patients that connects to any social media platform you’d like. If your patients decide to leave negative feedback, that is then sent to your team internally so you can address any concerns. If the patients decide to leave positive feedback they are then sent to your social media platform of choice to have them review their doctor (or practice) and boost your reviews!
When you sign up, each doctor profile is given a “Doctor Code” that patients can then enter in to immediately add you as their doctor. Patients can also enable location tracking to find doctors that are in the Eye Patient directory closest to them. If a Premium Subscription is used you will receive a custom Digital Card with QR code scanning available as well as custom flyers and business cards available to print out for your office/practice.
Absolutely! We understand how busy doctors are so we allow you to grant access for your staff in managing your profile. With their access they can request social media reviews, update your practice information, and even create forms and surveys for your patients.
This is an enhancement your profile gets with a Premium Subscription. We take your credentials and verify that you are a licensed eye care professional and apply the badge to your profile.
This app is 100% free to download on both the Apple App store and the Google Play Store.
No. We encourage you to get as many patient followers as possible and there is no limit or costs to how many patients can follow your profile.